During their first couple of encounters, Tanjiro and you can Muichiro stored a tense dating

During their first couple of encounters, Tanjiro and you can Muichiro stored a tense dating

Once Tanjiro properly yields so you can their people function, she cries out-of contentment and that is visibly treated to see your safely right back since the a human, https://datingranking.net/es/citas-divorciadas/ the two selling and buying tearful smiles while they sit across the from for each most other.

Tanjiro and you will Kanao create eventually ily, which have a couple of high-grandchildren by names out-of Kanata Kamado and you may Sumihiko Kamado ranging from her or him.

Genya Shinazugawa

After they first interacted, Tanjiro into the a warning motion gripped Genya’s sleeve to the point where it could possess damaged since discipline for around approaching Kanata Ubuyashiki following the final solutions. They reunited again throughout the butterfly residence immediately after Tanjiro got retrieved their wounds throughout the his struggle with Straight down Score 5 but whenever Tanjiro made an effort to anticipate your, Genya coldly forgotten him.

They found once more on Swordsmith Village whenever Tanjiro spotted Genya throughout the beautiful springs, and you may interacted that have him, the guy attempted to get along with your, but Genya is getting resentful and you can creeped out by Tanjiro. They soon shaped a thread after they fought along with her. Not too long immediately following, Genya found warm up to help you Tanjiro and additionally they became intimate nearest and dearest.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Initially, Kyojuro greatly disapproved from Tanjiro getting traveling with Nezuko, a devil. [11] But not, during their combined purpose to beat Enmu, it designed a thread and you will turned into personal even with merely using a good couple of hours along with her. It thread also promoted Kyojuro to offer delivering Tanjiro as a beneficial Tsuguko. [12]

Kyojuro common their latest moments which have Tanjiro and you can significantly determined him together with conditions away from reassurance, entrusting the latest boy to successfully pass to the their latest terms and conditions to help you their younger sibling and you will father and declaring their acceptance out-of Nezuko while the a true member of this new Corps. [13] Following Flame Hashira’s passage, Tanjiro proceeded to hold their deep admiration and fancy for your, are infuriated and in case anybody else carry out cam unwell on your. [14] Throughout their fight against Daki, Tanjiro recalls Kyojuro’s conditions and this promote your throughout the their competition. [15]

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro by the moving a stone at their direct shortly after aforementioned interrupted Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s message, and Tanjiro is actually bewildered of the Muichiro’s rude treatment to the Kotetsu from the the new Swordsmith Town. But not, just after hearing Tanjiro’s advice about helping others, Muichiro is actually swayed sufficient to alter his therapy, protecting Kotetsu and you can Kozo Kanamori during the Gyokko’s assault to the community. Shortly after then regaining their memories, Muichiro and Tanjiro turned good friends, having Muichiro appearing heavy bias towards Tanjiro after they coached along with her into the Hashira workout. Immediately following reading throughout the Muichiro’s death as a result of Kokushibo, Tanjiro forgotten rips across the death of their friend and you will vowed to themselves however keep attacking tough.


Tanjiro meets Taayo possess aided your knowing much more about Muzan and even suggests a way to change Nezuko on a human. While in the Tanjiro’s journey, Tamayo investigates and you can seeks hard to make medication so you can build demons human once more. Tanjiro in addition to reveals esteem to help you Tamayo and collects the 12 Kizuki’s blood so you can speed up her progress.


Tanjiro match Yushiro in the 1st goal when you look at the Asakusa Arc, plus it looks like Yushiro doesn’t like Tanjiro as the the guy doesn’t that way someone else is actually squeeze with the their lives with Tamayo. Despite this, during the Infinity Castle, Yushiro keeps on supporting and wishes having Tanjiro to remain live. Whenever the latest battle’s more, Yushiro visits Tanjiro and praises your.

Gyomei Himejima

At earliest Hashira Meeting, Gyomei evaluator you to Tanjiro must be slain as he try a good Devil Slayer take a trip close to a devil. Later on, for the Hashira Degree Arch, Tanjiro reveals Gyomei his devotion, ethics, and difficult works, which results in him are recognized from the Brick Hashira.

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