I have a solution to my problem, with the current font

I have a solution to my problem, with the current font

If the comment is overly long, I copy and paste the comment to a Notepad – I am using Microsoft Windows 10 on my computer since I am at least 90 percent home-bound – where I used the Arial regular font and it is blacker, and I can also adjust the size of the font as much as I want.

Haha, to many problems there seems to be a handy solution with a little effort, except in politics where many problems take more than just a little effort. ??

[I purposely used Html bolding device to see how black it comes compared to the current font without the bolding.]

Thanks for the advice. My problem is that I use an expired Word Press format that has limited options as far as I can tell. The base font is Montserrat large, but my guess is that for mobile or other units, it gets switched. I’ve looked at other Word Press formats and other blog hosts but don’t care for the hassle of dealing with the fall-out of what it might do to old posts if I convert. Nor am I interested in paying to have it done. It’s not an income generator. More of a hobby, and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be collecting stamps.

On my part, with the reasons you gave – the hassle and the fall-out from what it may do to the old posts; more of a hobby, and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be collecting stamps [ ?? ] – I say, leave it be.

It’s a redundant government agency and with a 10 billion budget it’s open for different forms of corruption given limited oversight and porous objective.

in 2021, most of the agency’s money got allocated to mindanaw, billion out of 16.4 total budget. and still the agency has not submitted required paper work that show how and where the money was actually spent. numerous projects were discharged kuno, so who are the recipients, which baranggays and what projects? and they had better not be ghosts projects, ghost recipients and ghost barangays, lol!

I am told that throughout history the military is the ultimate arbiter of power

As such they can make or break a president. That I’m sure they would silently choose to back a lucid professional, instead of a wannabe cowboy on the edge of dementia.

Thanks for the reply

ntf-elcac is mostly managed by military personnel. you would think the agency is disciplined and up to date in all matters of concerns, hindi pala. the agency is so poor in housekeeping and cannot account where it spend its money, lol! and to make up for the slack, super quick ang military to fist pump with duterte, amenable to having chinese run telcos installed communication towers within military camps. so maybe arbiter of power ang military, enabler ni duterte and of china.

these last few days, maybe because election is coming and citizens are getting vocal, the military is seen hugging the media, getting supplies to ayungin and to our lone post, the rusting hulk of bp sierra madre. china wants bp sierra madre taken out of ayungin. never sagot natin!

and now, beijing olympic is being boycotted by estados unidos. sana makiramay tayo and likewise boycott beijing olympic, for china’s continued of military presence in our eez.

Basta she would https://rksloans.com/title-loans-co/ be Commander in chief whether she abolishes the Elcac ekek or not. I stand by my position that redundant agencies must go, all of them.

If the answering directly to the president is the reason, the more it is unreasonable to have them and no rationslization or streamlining the bureacracy would work.

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