25 Of The Most Memorable “My Strange Addiction” Episodes

“Unless you fit in, drink Coke, dress like the people on TV … you are going to get singled out. There’s an agenda for normality because it sells.” “If I can’t make a decent living like I would like to, I might have to cut them,” she told Houstonia. “If I knew what was going to be done to the footage I gave, I would not have agreed to do it.” she says. “…The show made it look like my daughters did not believe in me or urine therapy. This was a blatant misuse of the truth and we were all disappointed about that.” Thumb sucking is a comfort measure often used by children that can become an addiction in adulthood. Aside from being embarrassing, this can cause a lot of dental problems, ugly calluses, as well as sickness unless said thumb-sucker is very careful about keeping their hands and under their nails clean. My Strange Addictions highlights participants’ peculiar behaviors.

woman addicted to drinking paint

Why do we need to witness your plastic-looking, creepy, puffed up, unrealistic face? She grooms and licks her furry babies just like a real kitty mama would. But while we appreciate her devotion to her pets, it’s the eating clumps of their hair bit that feels a bit off. Season Four’s Lisa is so hooked on eating her cats’ fur that she can’t go two hours without a fix. “My Strange Addiction” tells the stories of people who struggle with their very unusual addictions. Addicts include a 33-year-old man who’s spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber and a 22-year-old woman who’s addicted to eating makeup. Jennifer, 26, has been addicted to eating mattresses for more than 20 years and has consumed eight beds in that time. Her family, meanwhile, is worried that her habit could be killing her. Watch a sneak peak, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, above.

Season 6 – Episode 6 – Aired 1/28/2015

Although this type of material has provided the network with plenty of fodder for ratings, fans aren’t buying some cases. In some cases, subjects on the show drunk or ate non-food items that are known to be potentially harmful. Many people have come out to express their concerns against the show. Many of the show’s viewers have noted how problematic bringing in a last-minute specialist seems. In most cases, the therapist usually provides a simplified remedy that won’t necessarily help the individual.

woman addicted to drinking paint

According to several studies, a baby can be born with a fetal alcohol condition even if her mother has never had a sip of alcohol during pregnancy. It has to do with alcohol consumption before conception. Zara Hanawalt is a freelance journalist and mother of twins. In addition to her writing for Parents, she’s also covered entertainment, women’s health, style, and culture for outlets like Marie Claire, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. She can typically be found filing a story or chasing after her children — or, most likely, doing both simultaneously. In this special episode of My Strange Addiction, we count down the ten most shocking addictions ever featured on the series and provide updates. Though her father’s death was painful, she has a job, boyfriend, loving family, and friends. She apparently wears a fursuit just once a year at an annual convention. In fact, she said she crafted her fox look solely for the episode and considered making and wearing the fursuit just a “small hobby,” not an obsession. She claims TLC “took what information gave and ran with it.”


A woman insists on wearing her fur suit everywhere she goes; another woman has been eating couch cushions for 20 years. Julius has been sexually attracted to balloons for decades and keeps more than 50,000 in his home at all times. Sober House Natasha eats entire jars of clay face masks every day. Over the past four years, Josh has consumed more than 100 glasses and 250 light bulbs. As if ingesting glass wasn’t dangerous enough, Josh also swallows live bullets.

What gene is responsible for addiction?

Researchers demonstrated that a type of small infectious agent (a type of RNA virus called human endogenous retrovirus-K HML-2, or HK2) integrates within a gene that regulates activity of dopamine. This integration is more frequently found in people with substance use disorders, and is associated with drug addiction.

“The show made it look like I drink my pee all day long, in everything I do, which makes sense with the theme of ‘My Strange Addiction,'” she revealed. Carrie also added that one of the producers told her that “viewers needed more than what we could come up with if we limited my story to the reality … in the bathroom.” But, for some strange reason, Keisha loves the way it feels on her tongue. She keeps woman addicted to drinking paint a roll with her at all times and has a few stashed around her apartment and some in her car’s glove compartment box. But Mike and Trina can’t go a day without at least four coffee shots right up their butts and into their colons. Most of us choke up if we get even a small spritz of air freshener in our mouths. This mother of two from Missouri says she can’t resist the smell and taste of air fresheners.

Meet the Real-Life Cullen Brothers with ‘Vampire-Like’ Symptoms

This can stem from a caffeine addiction as taking it in through your bottom allows it to be absorbed into your body more quickly , OR it could just be because they like having enemas. The Florida couple, Mike and Trina, who made their addiction known nationwide in 2013, spend up to five hours a day with their addiction and don’t even drink coffee. Trina had various gastrointestinal health issues and claimed that coffee enemas are what helped her; she hasn’t been to a doctor since. These addicts sometimes work out over 2-3 hours a day, which is a lot of cardio and strain on your body.

Twins are addicted to being identical, looking alike, acting alike and even weighing their meals to stay the exact same size. Then, a woman has been addicted to eating mattresses for over 20 years. From obsessive diets to radical plastic surgery procedures, three unconventional individuals willingly take extreme physical and psychological measures to look and live their lives as full-time human dolls. Thirty-one-year old Lori has been addicted to sleeping with her blow dryer since she was eight years old. Although she finds the heat and sound comforting, Lori risks the chance of burning her skin severely or worse, starting an electrical fire. Kesha has admitted to eating half a roll of toilet paper everyday.

Addicted to Psychics; Addicted to Body Casting

Who has time to pretend to be anything other than their boring and stressed-out selves? Well, other than Season Five’s Nicole, who spends her time galloping around her backyard like a pony. Season Five showed us Jennifer, a woman who gave the phrase “comfort food” a whole new meaning. She munches on about a square foot of mattress each day. “No mayonnaise, no butter, just straight-up mattress,” she revealed.

Was Trisha paytas an extra on Modern Family?

The early 2000s and 2010s were BIG for Trisha. They made it onto the Ellen Show, Modern Family, America's Got Talent and even featured as an extra in Amy Winehouse's music video, Tears Dry on Their Own.

Drywalls are mainly used for building decorative interiors. The use of drywall is common in constructions these days. The question may make you think like we are joking, but for people like Nicole, perhaps the drywall is delicious. Surely a gross example in the category of strange addictions, but we warned you. Each episode of the series follow a range of shocking behaviors, their origins and potential life-saving cures. The fifth season kicks off with a one-hour special at 9 p.m. 25-year-old Riley lives her life as an adult baby and refuses to grow up. She sleeps in a crib, drinks out of a bottle and even wears diapers 24 hours a day.

The Woman Who Stung Herself With Bees All Day Every Day

Although some subjects featured on the show can be classified as addictions, others are life choices. Some of the individuals featured on the show often have different mental illnesses, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety. Because when it comes to strange addictions, people can leave you with your hearts pounding hard. And if you think you are addicted to any strange addiction, don’t worry.

A woman eats hundreds of cat treats and wet food every day; a woman who has been smelling mothballs for 15 years stores them all over her house and in her purse. 43-year-old Riah has been addicted to baby wipes since she was 15 and goes through up to 500 every day. She’s so hooked she even uses wipes in place of showering. Meanwhille, 19-year-old Brea has been addicted to eating sand for the past five years. 48-year-old Jazz has been growing her fingernails for the past 22 years. Even though her extreme fingernails make life tough, Jazz refuses to cut her nails. 56-year-old Theresa is addicted to her 52 hairless rats.

  • For example, a man named Josh ate both glass and live ammunition on “My Strange Addiction” despite the fact that his fiancée is scared about his health.
  • People who are addicted to video games are USUALLY males under the age of 30, but not always.
  • Remember the days not long ago when traveling was encouraged and seeking the great outdoors wasn’t considered a luxury?
  • It can sometimes stem from depression or feelings of inadequacy, and it is treatable.

“Oh this 2004 vintage dupont paint has much more body and has good legs compared to Sherwin williams paint.” She’s consumed close to three gallons of paint since she first started the practice.

If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know how unpleasant casts are. Yes, they’re snug and warm, but they’re also kind of disgusting and dirty, and, after a while, all you want to do is to tear them off and scratch the area until you bleed. This guy would rather stomp around in a full-body cast for the rest of his life. Season Four’s Asha is a “Black Rapunzel” who refuses to chop off her 21 ft-long hair.

woman addicted to drinking paint

She consumes it straight from the can, day in and day out. The first thing Trisha Payta notices about people is the color of their skin. Before you call her a racist, what Payta actually means is that she notices if you’re a hideously pale ghost or a sexy bronze babe. “It’s almost disgusting if someone doesn’t have a little color. Season Three kicked off with a baby powder snorter named Jaye. Initially, her friends believed she was a drug addict after seeing thin lines of white dust all over her living room table. They were relieved to find out it wasn’t what they had thought. But equally terrified once she told them what it actually was. Most of us twist our faces in disgust when dealing with dirty, urine-soaked diapers.

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